Winter 2018 Class Descriptions and Schedule


  • Winter Session begins the week of January 8th and runs for eight weeks. If there are NO weather-related cancellations, the session will end March 1st.

  • Classes cancelled because of bad weather will take place during the month of March. Dates TBD.

  • The $175 session fee covers the cost of eight, 75-minute classes, and includes materials.

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(Not Sure Which Class to Take?  Email me at lbwpiano@gmail.com or call 814-410-6144.  I can help!)



At Piano for Pleasure your first piano experiences will be fun and stress-free! Unleash your musical creativity, learn some basics, and play some familiar melodies. No prior knowledge will be assumed; the emphasis is on personal enjoyment and the pleasure of trying something new! Bring a friend and share the joy of making music!

Wednesday afternoons, 12:00 – 1:30 pm (January 10 – February 28)


If you have taken an Introduction to Piano class at Piano For Pleasure, or if you took a few lessons at some point but want to review the basics, then this class is for you! Our main focus will be learning to read music and coordinate both hands, but we will also have fun learning about chords and how to pick out simple tunes by ear.

Thursday afternoons, 12:00 – 1:30 pm (January 11 – March 1)


This class is for any Piano For Pleasure student already playing from the blue “Prelude” book in the Piano Pronto series, or other adults playing at a similar level. Staying mostly in the key of C major, we will play accessible, fun arrangements of familiar melodies in a variety of styles while continuing to build reading and technique skills. We’ll also learn basic chords and progressions used in many popular songs.

Thursday afternoons, 1:15 – 12:30 pm  (January 11 – March 1)


Have fun while you expand your musical horizons and build your technique beyond 5-finger positions! You’ll play familiar melodies in classical and folk styles, and you’ll also learn several chord progressions used in your favorite pop and rock classics. We’ll also have fun exploring the instrumental sounds on the digital pianos!

Tuesday afternoons, 1:15 – 12:30 pm  (January 9 – February 27)


This class is for current Piano For Pleasure students playing from Movement 2 of the Piano Pronto series, or any early-intermediate level pianist comfortable playing with both hands and reading music with easier key signatures. Have fun playing solo and ensemble arrangements of familiar melodies from the classical and folk traditions, and learn some basic chord progressions so you can play your favorite songs by ear!

Tuesday afternoons, 12:00 – 1:15 pm  (January 9 – February 27)


This class is for middle and upper intermediate pianists wanting to expand their musical horizons beyond what they learned in traditional lessons. Have fun honing your sight reading skills when we use the instrument sounds on the digital pianos to play ensembles, and experience how satisfying it can be to just “sit down and play” a familiar song once you understand the relationship between chord progressions and melodies. Join us!

Wednesday mornings, 10:00 – 11:15 am  (January 10 – February 28)

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