How do I register for private lessons?

If you have played the piano before, we will schedule an interview so I can assess your background and do some planning before your first lesson. (There is no charge for this meeting.)

An in-person interview is not usually necessary for beginning students, but please contact me to discuss your situation. To reserve a spot in my schedule, all students must complete a registration form, which can be found in the Home Studio drop down menu.

Why are longer lessons better?

Longer lessons get faster results! When students have only a 30 minute lesson each week, they are generally left on their own when it comes to practice and lesson time is often spent correcting mistakes, which isn’t much fun. When students are able to successfully experience new skills and concepts under the guidance of their teacher, they leave the studio with more confidence, knowing  not just “what” to practice, but HOW to approach each task on their assignment.

Do you offer online lessons?

Yes! I have several out-of-town students who take their weekly lessons online.  If you are unable to travel to my location, you might want to consider this option. All you need is a high speed internet connection, a web cam, and Skype or Face Time. Please contact me for more information.

What does my monthly private lesson fee cover?

Your monthly lesson fee pays for the lesson time that has been reserved exclusively for you, all group classes and recitals, plus behind the scenes tasks such as selecting and purchasing materials, lesson planning, record-keeping, and organizing recitals.

What is your policy regarding missed lessons or classes?

Any lesson or class cancelled by the instructor will be rescheduled or refunded. Private lessons cancelled by students–regardless of the reason– will not be refunded, but another lesson time will be offered IF one is available in the schedule AND the student has used his/her Flex Week. Instead of canceling private lessons because of an unavoidable school or work obligation, students may swap lessons provided they handle the arrangements and notify the instructor in advance. 

I don't own an instrument. Can I still sign up?

You are welcome to register for traditional lessons or Piano For Pleasure classes, but  you will want to find an instrument to play on between lessons, such as at a church, school, or the home of a family member or friend. If you intend to purchase or rent an instrument in the near future, I can offer some suggestions about where to look. I also recommend you visit this webpage which provides excellent tips on buying a piano.

What is the registration fee for?

The registration fee applies to traditional lessons only and it reserves your spot in the studio; it should be paid at the same time you complete your enrollment form. This fee pays for most lesson books, sheet music, and handouts. For your convenience, I will do the shopping for you. Depending on your goals and progress, additional music deposits may be necessary. The registration fee does not cover registration for festivals and adjudications.To pay your registration fee online, click here.