Studio Policies



  • Please arrive on time with all materials needed for your lesson. Let yourself in the front door quietly, hang your coat in the closet, and have a seat in the front entryway.
  • If you are using the pedals on a regular basis you may keep your shoes on if they are clean and dry, but during the winter, please bring a pair of “indoor shoes.”  (No bare feet, please!)
  • Fingernails should be well-trimmed, and hands clean. Gum chewing is not permitted, and no food or drinks may be brought into the studio.
  • Siblings are welcome in the studio or front entryway if they are quiet and do not interrupt lessons. Please do not go to other areas of the house without permission.
  • I hold recitals twice yearly (November and May) so students can share their accomplishments with family and friends in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Students in grades K-12 are expected to attend and perform at both events. Parents are asked to show their support by scheduling other activities around these dates.
  • Adult students are welcome to attend and perform at the studio recitals.



  • Lessons cancelled by the instructor will be rescheduled or refunded.
  • Lessons cancelled by students, regardless of the reason, will be rescheduled ONLY if there is an opening in the schedule AND the student has already used his/her Flex Week (see below).
  • For unavoidable conflicts with work, health or school commitments, you may swap lessons with another student provided you handle the arrangements and notify me in advance.
  • When schools close or are delayed because of bad weather, lessons are NOT automatically cancelled. Please call me at home to 814-410-6144 to discuss your situation. (Do not text this number–it’s a landline!)
  • If driving conditions are unsafe, please stay home and plan for an online lesson via Facetime or Skype instead.
  • If you have a fever or a contagious illness please stay home. If you feel well enough for a lesson, we can meet ONLINE via Facetime or Skype at your regularly scheduled time.
  • On days that the studio is open but schools are closed or dismissing early, lessons will be taught at the regular time.  If you anticipate a conflict on these days, please plan it as your flex week, or arrange a lesson swap (see below).
  • Group classes and partner lessons cannot be made up. Students unable to attend will be sent activity sheets and/or handouts via email.
  • When canceling on short notice, a courtesy call, email or text message is expected. Repeated “no-shows” will result in lessons being terminated.


  • Each semester there is one extra “Flex Week” in the calendar. (For example, the 14 paid lessons in the Fall are scheduled over a 15-week period).
  • Flex weeks provide a cushion: if you need to cancel a lesson for any reason, it can count as your Flex Week.
  • Students who do not cancel any lessons in a semester end up receiving a free lesson.


All traditional students agree to pay for and attend lessons during the school year from September-May. Lessons may be terminated before the year ends under the following circumstances:

  • If the case of a major illness or mid-year relocation, any remaining post-dated checks will be returned; for students paying online, the remaining subscription payments will be stopped.
  • Lessons may be terminated at any time because of inappropriate behavior, chronic lack of practice, poor attitude, etc. In these cases, any remaining post-dated checks will be returned; for students paying online, the remaining subscription payments will be stopped.
  • Registration fees are not refundable.