Teaching Approach

I believe that music study can enrich the lives of everyone, whether the experience takes place for a few months, over the course of several years, or a lifetime.

My goal as a piano teacher is that my students become competent musicians who play and make music long after leaving my studio. To support this goal I offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes solo and ensemble repertoire, a healthy technique, sight reading, written and aural theory, and playing by ear.

The atmosphere in my studio is friendly, supportive, and promotes independent learning. I have high standards but I am very flexible; my teaching approach and choice of materials are always based on the needs and goals of each student.

Numerous research studies support the benefits of music study:

  • early childhood music experiences can enhance brain development
  • high school students who study the arts have higher math and language scores
  • older adults participating in music classes experience improved health and well being

Personally, I believe playing the piano encourages and enhances self-esteem, self-discipline, patience, problem solving, and attention to detail. Most importantly, music provides an outlet for emotional expression and creativity.