Comments from Students

You are the BEST piano teacher EVER!

Megan D.

With a different teacher, I might not be studying music in college.

Mike W.

Laura fully understands adult students and, in a casual and supportive environment, was able to assess my abilities, and devise an individual program of study for me.  Gradually, my confidence and faith in my own ability to play and be musical have grown, way beyond where I thought I could go.

Jan L.

Laura is, without a doubt, the best music teacher I have ever had.  I play the flute and needed help with sight reading, theory, and ear training.  Laura is the first teacher to really teach me how music WORKS—how its beats are organized, what its pitch and chord structure is, and what those visually intimidating rhythm patterns actually SOUND like.

Since working with Laura my musical skills have improved dramatically.  I understand what I hear, and I am a much better sight reader. My fellow community band members have also noticed the difference!

Cathy M.